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Lazy Dog Fiber Arts

Comfort Hat

Hand Knitted Hats

Our Hand Knitted Hats are made right here in Michigan, and most feature locally grown fibers! From beautiful wool, luxurious alpaca, to sumptuous angora, you will keep warm and look fabulous all winter long. Each hat is hand made and may vary slightly in size and colors shown. Many of these hats are one of a kind!  

My Styles

Many of my hand knitted hats are one of a kind, but I offer a few basic styles and shapes that are individualized though colors and textures and other design elements. 

Stocking Hats, perhaps the most well-know shape for classic winter hats.

Berets, flat crowned hat made popular in Italy. Very classy and popular!

Comfort Hat, My own personal design! This style of hat features small earflaps and hugs the head in a very comfortable way, hence the name. I have found that this shape doesn't ride up in the back and is great for those of us with long hair (but equally comfy for those with short hair too)!

*Did you know? Alpaca is about 7 times warmer than sheep wool?*