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Lazy Dog Fiber Arts

The Home of Lazy Dog

Sharing a love of Fiber Arts



Welcome to our brand new website! Please be patient as we learn how to add to and edit our site, thanks!!

About Lazy Dog Fiber Arts

Welcome to Lazy Dog Fiber Arts! 

Whether you are a fellow fiber artist looking for supplies or you just adore the one of a kind charm of handcrafted workmanship, we have what you'll love! We are closely involved in the making of nearly everything we have to offer, from shearing to carding, to spinning and knitting, felting, braiding, weaving, and woodworking, our hands are part of the process. When it isn't feasible for us to create a product by hand, we select our sources carefully to ensure it is the very best we can bring. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do and we look forward to getting to know you!

A note about our name,

While it may give the impression we work with dog hair, we do not. Our business is named for a beautiful Australian Shepherd/Blue Healer that graced us with her presence for 12 years. She often kept our feet warm or curled up beside us while we worked on creating our products by hand. It is in honor of “Tigger” that we named our studio “Lazy Dog Fiber Arts”

In October 2015, a tiny black lab/border collie pup named "Zoey" came into our lives. While she is the total opposite of lazy, Zoey is content to settle into the roll of "Lazy Dog" every now and then, usually clamoring into my lap for snuggle time while I'm knitting, holding my arms and the project hostage until she decides to wake up for another romp. 


Textile Supplies, Yarn, Warm Weather Accessories, Fine Arts and More


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